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Must-Have Getting-Ready Photos for Your Wedding

We're joined by Georgia from High Style Life today who is sharing with us some special wedding day moments to consider with your photographer as you get ready on your big day!__________________________________
A great number of people consider their wedding day the most important, monumental day of their life, and that’s why exactly why they want every moment captured so they can cherish those mementoes for life. Now, as glamorous as the actual wedding photos are, they are the equivalent of a movie – everything is already done and only the glitz and the glamor are portrayed. The ‘getting ready’ photos are actually much more fun. They’re the equivalent of what goes on behind the scenes of a movie set and they capture genuine emotions and steps that were taken to achieve all the glam. They ooze sincerity, love and all the little flaws, the jitters and little bumps on the road. Those are the moments you truly want to remember. So, in order to capture these precious hours before the ce…

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